Welcome to Mikko Ahonen’s website + projects!

I have been involved in several IT architecture, eLearning, EMC, EMF, PEMF and health risk-management projects within the last 30 years.

In researcher and technology educator roles.

I work for healthier workplaces, schools and homes. I help people to stay healthy and avoid pre-mature aging.

In mobile technology risk-management area I am one of the most  experienced educators in Nordic countries.

With my workshops, teaching and RF/ELF-measurements I also save a lot of (taxpayers’) money.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I enjoy teaching and having interactive workshops & webinars.

The most recent (>2020) focus in my research and teaching is on Sustainable IT and Smart Agriculture.

Check my projects/workshops, expertise, publications and contact details above.

Please, let me know how we could collaborate.

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Mikko Ahonen (PhD)

Researcher, Educator